A new digital experience that encourages safe reading by creating an audio log queue of user-centered web content.


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The Problem

Numbers of people who suffer injuries while walking and using their smartphone is on a rise. From 2010, 813 people were injured to 2013 where 1,105 are injured. These are also the number that was recorded from emergency rooms therefore the number of walking injuries could be more than stated here.

"Mobile user interfaces are mainly designed, developed and tested with having a user in mind who is sitting or standing, but not walking, running or traveling as a passenger.

When on the move, the whole body moves, in particular, the user’s hand as well as their head is constantly moving. This makes it more difficult to read a given text or to interact with the mobile phone via a touchscreen or keypad."

Investigating Selection and Reading Performance on a Mobile Phone while Walking
by Bastian Schildbach, Enrico Rukzio


User Journey

user journey.001.jpeg



Design iterations

Design approach #1

Design Approach 2


Final Design


Home sreen

Article list - downloaded

Article list - location

Article list - recommendations

Article title

Article preview

Article content - static

Article content - blurred


Audio + Reading

  • Double-tap on the circle to view the article tile

  • Long press the circle to see content preview

Reading while walking

The app uses the accelerometer to sense when the user starts walking and automatically blurs the screen in reading view

View “My Article” list

Swipe up to view "My list"


Future Explore - P2P Audio Generating System

"We don't like the robotic audios!"

Services like Audible are valuable for ebooks but due to the dynamic nature of the web, where people are constantly creating and consuming content it is a challenge to create audio bytes for the all the content. Text-to-speech software are an alternative but not desirable. This is where we saw an opportunity to create a platform, which connects the user with a community of reciters (professionals in various languages, trained and verified for their voice, recitation abilities) who convert the articles into audio logs for a audio + reading experience on the user’s mobile app.