An app that helps you accomplish a daily goal by providing ongoing conversations about your work.



September 2015 - May 2016


It's an individual thesis project, so I worked on everything


Thesis context

Problem Statement

Many people struggle with procrastination. They put off their work until the very last minute, and consequently face stress, panic, regret, and eventually fatigue. Most of them assume that this issue is caused by a lack of good time management. And current solutions like general to-do list apps and project management tools help us only once we start. However, there are also complex psychological issues deep within our minds that keep us from simply starting. 

Design Brief

How can technology help users to get things done when they are in the middle of procrastinating


To create simple and engaging way to coach users stay focused and get daily task done. The solution should tackle both time management and psychological issues.





Inaccurate estimation of the time frame

People have a tendency to take more than they can handle when they are making the plan. However, they would feel bad about themselves when they didn't execute it or didn't finish the plan well. Those negative feedback gives them excuses to procrastinate more. 


Time management + psychological problems

Many people consider procrastination as a issue of time management. They often believe that time is up against them and they have to outsmart it somehow. But procrastination is not just a matter of how you manage your time. Rather, it’s a complex psychological problem - avoidance, with deep roots in our mind. 


To-do list can’t stop you procrastinating

People use to-do list apps or project management tools to help them organize time and work. However, When we don't want to work, those tools can't do anything to help us stop procrastinating. 

Clear - Tasks, Reminders & To-Do Lists

Clear - Tasks, Reminders & To-Do Lists


User behavior study - the habit loop


[1] The procrastination loop

[2] The working mode loop


Intervene of the procrastination habit loop

To change the procrastination habit, the craving of finishing the goals must be triggered, so that people will start working and get close to the goals bit by bit. 


Final Design

Why it's called mo?

The name "mo" is originated from the movie "Wall-E". There's a robot called mo and he always cleaned dirty spots immediately when he saw it. I like his personality a lot. I hope people who procrastinate can do their work without hesitating or putting off, just like what mo does :)




One goal, one day

Every day, mo encourages you to focus on only one goal.


Check in with you periodically

mo always checks in to know what you've done once an hour, and reports the current status to you.


Send punishment message when you keep procrastinating

mo is a "tough-love" coach. It always pushes you to start working as early as possible.


Coach you on focusing

When you feel stuck or less motivated, you can ask suggestions from mo. mo has knowledge of how to get focused.


Learn your habit from the conversation

mo leans your habit and uses embedding deep-learning program to analyze context and remember conversations.


Thesis presentation

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