Killer Heels Centerstage

Create an interactive in-museum experience for Killer Heels Exhibition at Brooklyn Museum.



Our group visited Brooklyn Museum for Design in Public Spaces class. We decided to create an interactive in-museum experience CenterStage, an ultra high definition platform featuring a 85in 4K multi-touch screen and 8 other hi-res screens. 


2015 Spring semester

Team members

Emily ChanKaren Ng, Tingting Gao

My role

  • Research

  • Storyboard

  • UI



The meaning of this exhibition in Brooklyn Museum

"Killer Heels explores fashion's most provocative accessory."
"It looks through the history of heels."
"It examines the rich cultural history of the high heel and its relation to power, fantasy, sexuality, and identity."

Interviews we did

Three females & 1 male

  • A woman from upstate NY

  • Two friends

  • A man on his day off

We asked them on their thoughts about the exhibition and if there could be a use for interactive displays

  • "I didn't notice a logical layout to the exhibition."

  • "The exhibit seems more visual than tactile."

  • "I thought the TV displays (the movies) were interactive" (they're actually not)

  • "Interactive displays would be cool!"

Current problems

There isn't enough introduction information on each shoe label. Most labels include just the brand, the year it was created, and the country it originated from.  

We asked them about potential improvement

  • "Better highlighting which shoe belonged to which theme"

  • "I was hoping to read more about the designer."


Concept #1 Build your own heel

We were imaging that the visitors could play on the Centerstage ----- choose the material, colors, customize high heel styles, etc. Then users could get the design file and 3d printed it later.

Concept #2 Find your own heels inspired by killer heels

We knew this exhibition was sponsored by Nordstorm, and most shoes from this exhibition were designed by actual fashion brand or famous designers. So maybe visitors would be interested finding existing merchants which look similar to these killer heels in the market.

Concept #3 Read more information about this exhibition

The exhibition was not quiet organized, labels didn't tell enough information, and some videos were too artsy to understand. We hoped to make visitors explore more deeply about this exhibition by using this giant interactive screen.

Initial Concepts


Through Centerstage, visitors can dive deeper into each pair of heels shown in the exhibition.

It allows users to learn more about the different materials that are used and to learn more about each designer and their inspiration.

By learning more about these heels, visitors can draw their own conclusions as to why these heels may be considered "killer".

Final Concept 


Interface Design


Interaction Design


Design Fiction