Better Mortgage

Make mortgage process fast, simple, and totally better.


About Better Mortgage

Better Mortgage is a digital platform to offer pre-approval, purchase and refinance mortgage loans.

My role

  • UX/UI design

  • User flow

  • Prototyping and mock-ups


New FAQ section - support users more efficiently

Borrowers usually message customer service when they have confusions in the process. From previous user research, we noticed that many users drop from the application when they are waiting for the response. To decrease the dropping rate and make the customer support more efficient, we need to show the answers to common questions without letting users get out of the current flow.

Concept exploration

We first looked for some best class references and then thought about where we could place a FAQ in our platform. 


While exploring, I noticed that it isn’t just about how this part looks like, but also how users would find the FAQ and interact with it. Inspired by Amazon’s online customer service, I imagine there could be a way to insert FAQ in conversation: we show borrowers FAQs first when they ask questions to us. 


Final Design

We decide to put FAQs inside the current message box. Here are some of design variations for this feature: 



We put content into design to see how it looks like in real scenarios. One example is by the end of the milestone “Get ready to lock”, this platform asks borrowers to pay $500 for an appraisal deposit. Borrowers ask many questions regarding to this step. So we made a relevant set of FAQs attached to this task.


Pre-approval flow improvements

As the initial part of the application, where borrowers get “3-minute approval”, we want our users to complete it fast without feeling frustrating. Besides, we imagine that in near future, there will be more borrowers using Better’s service to purchase houses. To meet the upcoming needs and decrease user drop-off and frustration, we proposed some improvements for current design. 

Previous Version & Insights

  1. No clues of how many steps there are

  2. Customers always feel insecure to input their social security numbers. They are unwilling to do this also because they are afraid of this will impact their credit score which is not true

  3. It’s not that mobile-friendly (not the priority)


User Flow

I diagrammed the user flow to get a comprehensive view of the pre-approval process

process flow-simplified.png

Proposed solutions

1. Set the expectations to this process


2. Educate users - it’s necessary for us to know your SSN and we have encryption for it. Besides, this process won’t affect their credit score


3. Voice input could potentially improve the mobile experience


Final design