Design a happy experience for creating and trading interactive personal cards.

(Used to be available in AppStore 😿...)



May 2015 - August 2015

My role (as an intern)

  • Wireframes

  • Visual design

  • Prototyping


About Glitter

Glitter was incubated by betaworks. We are a small team aiming at creating delightful experience on card trading in digital world. In long term, we hope this could be a new, fun way of making friends. 

My story here

As a UX intern in the team, I participated in creating new features for Glitter app and website interaction design. While exploring, I researched, designed, prototyped, and iterated on concepts with developers, product managers and designers. Even though a lot of design I made were not really usable 😅, I was learning all aspects of product development from the team.



The concept

Framing UX


Design fiction

As we imagined, this is one scenario of how people introduce Glitter to friends when they meet.


App Design

User flow


Features and interactions

Friendly onboarding process


Drag bubbles to add components


Edit the card content freely


Send card easily


Swipe to view cards in your collection


Glitter website

I was also involved in Glitter's website design. This website gives people a glance of how glitter works and our design personality.

(The site used to be available 💔…)