Your most hardcore accountability partner to help you get over the breakup.


2015 spring semester


UI/UX, digital prototype


the problem

Today, technology and online personas change the way we cope with relationship. 

F and M broke up. 

In the past decades, when F broke up with ex, she would put objects such as gifts or souvenirs which were related to her ex into a box, throwing it away or place it to some hidden spots at home. Then she would forget him, feel better and start a new life.

How about today? She will need more efforts on "cleaning". Because, there are much more memory records.

  • You think you move on from a relationship, but your smartphone doesn't;
  • Today, memories can be open in more ways


Relationship journey

We broke down the stage in a relationship and found a conflict between the digital realm and the last stage of a relationship.

Statistics of how did people end their last relationship

The information in the chart was collected using a polling app on Facebook in which single users revealed how they ended their last relationship.

(Source: leebyron.com)



Concept of "Ex_it"

When we think about how does this system work, our initial concept seems lack the motivation of using the product. Plus, the action of coming back to online dating website could recall the pain which we are trying to avoid. We need to have a way either reward people or punish them so that they could change their behavior when they cannot get over from a relationship. 

User flow


UI Design

Terms yes.png

App Prototype


Physical mockup

We imagine the physical device is a chip attached on the smartphone. When the user reads that "your screen will break in 1 second", the chip on the back will get this message. And the chip on the screen will emit strong vibration which will break the phone screen.